Postpartum tips – carrying/picking up your baby

Postpartum tips on holding baby

Simple postpartum tips In this blog post, I am going to share simple postpartum tips to help make those repetitive tasks gentler on you.  This is my third blog post together with Squishy Tushy.  It has been super fun to work on these blogs.  Nuri asks the questions and I provide the insight.  The first…

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Facts about crying babies

What do we know about crying babies?

What do we actually know about crying babies? I spend considerable time assessing what is appropriate or not for newborns.  A big part of this is understanding crying babies, what this means to the parents and could mean about the health of the baby.  So this post that Nuri from Squishy Tushy and I came…

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Understand burping your baby video

Baby chiropractor helps with burping baby

Understand more about burping your baby: why, when and how often This blog post is all about understanding burping, especially when and how often.  Having a new baby can be daunting.  From learning to change diapers, to feeding and knowing how and when to burp them.  Burping is one way parents can help their baby…

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