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Chiropractic care for babies and children

Chiropractic treatment for reflux babies in Table View

Chiropractic treatment for babies is gentle and successful in helping with several common conditions.

We believe that spinal and cranial checkups for newborns should be a routine aspect of paediatric care. Between positioning in utero, the passage of the baby through the birth canal, the pulling of the head and neck before the shoulders come out and birth via c-section, babies go through a lot.  Subtle shifts in the spine and skull can occur during the journey earth-side.  These shifts can interfere with feeding, digestion, comfort, sleep and development.

Baby chiropractors like our Doctors, can find those subtle shifts and correct them before they become an issue.

At Rise Chiropractic, we intend to make the transition from pregnancy to life with baby that much easier for all.

Gentle and specific chiropractic adjustments can help your baby with many issues.  Below are just a few of them:

  • Colic
  • Torticolis
  • Breastfeeding issues
  • Reflux
  • Constipation
  • Developmental delays, both motor and sensory
  • Recurrent ear infections
  • Bedwetting
  • Asthma
  • Headaches
Dr Keevara Raidoo provides chiropractic treatment for children


Developing babies can benefit from Chiropractic care as it helps to reduce the complications of labour. Helps for: colic, torticolis, plagiocephaly, reflux and excessive gassiness.


Spinal dysfunction can be caused by falls from learning to sit up, crawl and walk and can be relieved with
chiropractic care.
Helps for: milestone delays, ear infections, constipation.


Children are faced with new stressors when starting school.  Sitting for long periods, new sports, increased use of electronic devices, stress from schoolwork and peer pressure can all have an effect on the spine.

At Rise Chiropractic we use safe, gentle and specific adjustments to treat babies and children.