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Understand more about burping your baby: why, when and how often

This blog post is all about understanding burping, especially when and how often.  Having a new baby can be daunting.  From learning to change diapers, to feeding and knowing how and when to burp them.  Burping is one way parents can help their baby get rid of that gas and consists of the release of gas bubbles up the oesophagus (food pipe) and out of the mouth.

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Chiropractor helps you anderstand more about burping baby

This week, Dr Chantel da Silva provides info on how to understand burping your baby

We hear it all the time, my baby is fussy, he doesn’t burp well, she seems uncomfortable all the time.  A common myth about burping is that a baby only needs to be winded right after a feed, and that will be sufficient.  However, babies, especially newborns, take in winds throughout the day. Whether they’re crying, drinking or fussing and even sleeping.

Why do babies need to burp?

Babies have an immature digestive system that can easily take in winds and not get rid of them effectively.  When gas bubbles get stuck in their stomachs it can cause a feeling of fullness and discomfort.  This can then cause them to squirm or cry.  Babies use crying as a signal to announce almost every feeling.  Whether they are tired, hungry, wet or bored, it is hard to know if crying is due to gas discomfort.  That’s why the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends burping your baby regularly.  Even if your baby doesn’t show discomfort or release any gas when you burp them.  We do not know how much air gets in their little stomachs.  So it is a good idea to burp your little ones even if they do not get to the fussy stage

Dr. Chantel’s one top tip is that you burp/wind a baby throughout the day and not only after a feed.

Watch the 30-second video here.  Then look out as we will be sharing top burping and winding techniques in the coming weeks.

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