Secret Saving Grace during Pregnancy

This little secret may help you during your pregnancy.

My sister-in-law had a really rough time with her first pregnancy and the usual chiropractic care was not respectful of her body or understanding the physiological changes that happen to a pregnant woman.

I was not living in Cape Town as yet, so all I could do was offer what little support I could over the phone. Once my nephew was three years old, I moved to Cape Town and discovered my sister-in-law was secretly dealing with the trauma and injury of the pregnancy.  My nephew had kicked her in the ribs so hard that she was still in pain three years on.  Not only that, but her issues had gotten considerably worse.  She couldn’t bend down or train as she used to.  Every day she was in immense pain, but because of the strong woman she is, she just carried on. So I began her postpartum treatment, but through it all, I kept thinking about how things could have been different had she received the appropriate treatment earlier on.

Five years on and she was pregnant again.  I was so excited to be able to care and support her this time and be HANDS-ON.  Her experience was so much different from the first. It wasn’t plain sailing in the least but she was able to continue her daily life, feel energised, manage to limit any further injuries and her postpartum recovery was enhanced.

Writing this article I asked her what she would add to this paragraph and it was how the adjustments affected her energy levels. She felt almost as if she had had a full night’s rest. Helping my sister-in-law through her second pregnancy got me to attend courses and seminars specifically on treating women through their pregnancy and postpartum journey with the goal of the best possible outcome for mom and baby.

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