How to Boost your Baby’s Brain Development

Helping your baby’s brain develop in healthy ways is a lot easier than you think.

When I started University I had no idea that baby chiropractic was even a thing. In my 5th year, I remember our lecturer discussing the idea of adjusting newborns after birth, the impact this could have on a child’s brain development and what that would mean for the rest of their life.

I was able to see the concept of paediatric chiropractic at work firsthand.  My nephews (5 years old and 6 months at the time) were involved in a car accident and I just knew that they needed to be specifically adjusted due to the strain on their necks and spine. From that moment on I started taking whatever paediatric and pregnancy care courses I could find.

During the first 1000 days, a period from conception to a child’s 2nd birthday, the building of the brain structures, wiring-firing and making connections, happen extraordinarily fast.  This period is an exceptional window of opportunity to build thriving futures.

In her guest blog for VitaSoul, Dr Chantel lists a number of recommendations that focus on your baby’s brain development.  “It is SO important not only to do these things listed but also to understand why!” she says.

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