Postpartum tips – carrying/picking up your baby

Postpartum tips on holding baby

Simple postpartum tips In this blog post, I am going to share simple postpartum tips to help make those repetitive tasks gentler on you.  This is my third blog post together with Squishy Tushy.  It has been super fun to work on these blogs.  Nuri asks the questions and I provide the insight.  The first…

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How chiropractic care helps with breastfeeding

Chiropractic care can help with breastfeeding

I am sure you are wondering, “Yeah just how can chiropractic care help me with breastfeeding?”. While breastfeeding is “natural”, any breastfeeding mother will tell you that figuring things out in the beginning isn’t as simple as it seems. Sometimes babies have things going on with their tiny bodies that can make it difficult to latch.

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Tips on how to manage back pain after birth

Manage back pain after birth

Common struggles that you might be dealing with right now are you just can’t find a position to nurse /feed/carry your little one that doesn’t hurt, how do you actually get anything done when that new baby is on you like ALL THE TIME. Not only that but you are constantly exhausted.

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