Tech Neck, the Pandemic of the Modern Era

Tech neck symptoms and treatment

by Dr Keevara Raidoo Working on a computer or looking down at your phone can cause Tech Neck. How many hours of your day do you spend bent over your computer or your phone?  A recent study showed that the average person spends 6 hours and 58 minutes in front of a screen (Phone, TV,…

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Dr Britt’s Anti-inflammatory Golden Milk Recipe

Turmeric latte - anti-inflammatory and natural remedy for pain

Turmeric is a natural anti-inflammatory. If you feel you need something nutritious and delicious to replace one of your daily coffees with, look no further than Dr Brittany’s famous Turmeric Latte. This warm drink is a blend of turmeric and complementary spices that has amazing anti-inflammatory effects. The best part is that it only takes…

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Tips for making working from home less of a pain

Tips for working from home back pain, neck tension and headaches

Are you dealing with neck tension, back pain or headaches? Of all the adults frequenting our office, around 60% can be down to the new ‘normal’ of working from home. From dining room chairs to long days on the couch with your laptop in hand, working from home is sure to mess with your back.…

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