Dr Chantel’s baby reflux cheat sheet

Dr Chantel da Silva treats reflux babies

So your little one has been diagnosed with baby reflux and may have been put on medication or maybe not. If you have already seen me for an appointment, I mentioned this little cheat sheet.  Because let’s face it, it’s a lot of information to take in!  I totally understand the emotional toll that baby…

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Can Chiropractic care help with colic babies?

Chiropractic care helps for colic babies

One of the questions we get a lot is: “Will chiropractic help with my colic (fussy, gassy or crampy) baby?” Let’s get down to it – colic isn’t always a clear cut diagnosis, in fact, it’s not a diagnosis at all.  Think of colic as something babies do, a behaviour pattern, rather than something babies…

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Understand burping your baby video

Baby chiropractor helps with burping baby

Understand more about burping your baby: why, when and how often This blog post is all about understanding burping, especially when and how often.  Having a new baby can be daunting.  From learning to change diapers, to feeding and knowing how and when to burp them.  Burping is one way parents can help their baby…

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